Thermal Turkish Bath

Thermal Turkish Bath

The Turkish bath, also known as Hammam or Grotto Therapy, is a custom with ancient origins, to which many beneficial effects have always been attributed.
At Terme di Lurisia, the Turkish bath is a gem. It is situated in a cave excavated in the early 1920s in the mountain behind the Thermal Establishment.

Unlike other natural grottos, in which the temperature is very high throughout and has a traumatic impact on the body, the Lurisia grottos are spread over 3 separate areas with differentiated temperatures:

– the Water Cave, containing the hydro massage pool for multiple users, the atomised thermal water showers, the Kneipp pool and the saunas (Finnish and infrared).
The temperature in this area is 25-28°C, making it a warm and pleasant place to stop for a few minutes before entering the actual grotto, to allow the body to adjust to the hot and humid climate. At the end of the session, a stay in the relaxation area allows the body to become reacclimatised to the outdoor temperature while drinking the mineral waters.
– the warm ravine, with a temperature ranging from 35-38°C, where one can sit or lie on wooden benches positioned along the corridor;
– the hot grotto, with a temperature of 42-45 °C

As well as serving a therapeutic purpose, the progressive heat of the three environments allows the body to gradually adapt and therefore to remain in a condition that enables greatest possible benefits to be derived from subsequent therapies.
Although just being in the grotto is itself a therapy with good results in rheumatic and respiratory disorders, when combined with other treatments it magnifies the benefits.
The thermal Turkish bath helps to remineralise and purify the tissue. The benefits of this are magnified when combined with nebulisation with thermal water. The natural draining action that is obtained while in this hot and humid environment is of considerable benefit in the treatment of unsightly conditions such as cellulite and helps to achieve excellent results from low calorie diets.

It is particularly indicated combined with thermal mud and salt therapies to purify the skin
Massage is also much more effective if performed immediately after the Turkish bath, as it takes advantage of the optimal receptive condition of the tissue: the products used to reduce specific unsightly conditions such as cellulite are absorbed more rapidly and in greater depth.

Please remember to bring a bathing suit and a pair of rubber sandals.